Dance Wellness & Screening


One of the main focuses of the Dance Wellness Program is that of screenings. Screening tests or assessments are designed to collect information unique to a dancer’s current condition. Screenings include both a physical and a technique screen. Physical data can be used to identify risk factors that may predispose a dancer to future injuries or it can be applied to dance technique to improve performance.


Physical screenings include evaluation of standing posture, manual muscle strength and flexibility testing, body fat composition as well as anthropometric measurements. Technique screenings are done by means of video analysis. Dancers perform specific dance movements both at the barre and in the center, which are then biomechanically analysed.


Screening information can be used to design conditioning and rehabilitation programs outside of class. By improving strength and flexibility in problem areas, dancers can become biomechanically and technically more efficient. As a result injury prevention, performance quality and career longevity can become a reality.


The Movement Science Institiute is dedicated to promote the on–going health and well–being of dancers and to “make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” - M Feldenkrais