Rehabilitation exercise prescription aims to:

* Restore joint range of motion and flexibility
* Regain muscular strength, endurance and power
* Regain postural stability and balance
* Re-establish neuromuscular control
* Maintain cardio-respiratory fitness during rehabilitation
* Safely re-introduce functional and sport specific skills


The use of the aquatic environment as a therapeutic medium has numerous benefits for both athletic conditioning and rehabilitation:

* Decreased pain
* Increased range of motion and flexibility
* Improved strength and aerobic fitness
* Improved core stability and balance
* Enhanced proprioceptive input
* Improved functional mobility
* Decreased abnormal tone
* Improved bone mineral density
* Enhanced psychological mood
* Cross training for athletic performance and injury management

Aquatic therapy and conditioning techniques used at the Movement Science Institute:


Watsu techniques
 * Bad Ragaz Ring method
 * Hallowick

The Movement Science Institute has access to an indoor heated pool on the premises. The pool is 12,5m X 7m and is kept at a temperature of 30 degrees all year round.